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Save Our Towns, Season 4, Episode 7, St. Paul prospers on the Western Front

Season 4, Episode 7

The latest episode of Save Our Towns takes us back to St. Paul, Virginia, the first town we followed for a year. Back then, mayor Kyle Fletcher was intent on turning a historical building into a boutique hotel. Now that dream has been realized with the opening of the Western Front Hotel. After years of… Continue Reading Season 4, Episode 7

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Save Our Towns Season 3, Episode 7, Princeton artists lead renaissance

Season 3, Episode 7

Princeton, West Virginia, sets an example for other small towns by embracing artists, while we meet the new mayor of Cleveland, Virginia. Graduate Maxwell Vandervliet schools us on the prevalence of women farmers in Southwest Virginia, while Anthony Flaccavento encourages town leaders to think about what work their towns need. In addition, we are introduced… Continue Reading Season 3, Episode 7

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Save Our Towns Season 3, Episode 6, Tax Breaks Pay Off

Season 3, Episode 6

The city of Lexington took a major risk by giving tax breaks to a local developer, and the gamble paid off, while Cleveland gives its downtown area a face lift. In Maxwell’s number, we hear about the Virginia Emerging Drone Cluster project which will take off in five Southwest Virginia counties, and John McGee, a… Continue Reading Season 3, Episode 6

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