Season Two

Street view of Giles County Courthouse and statue

Pearisburg, Virginia, is the featured town in the second season of Save Our Towns.


Video screenshot of a young woman standing on a bridge being interviewed.Episode 1:

The first episode of Season 2 features a bridge in the town of Clifton Forge built by students from the College of Architecture & Urban Studies.



Video screenshot, young woman standing in forefront on streetEpisode 2:

This episode takes a look at the border towns of Bluefield and the different ways the two towns reacted to overtures from Walmart.




Video screenshot, older man wearing hardhat inside coal mining museumEpisode 3:

See how an exhibition coal mine is helping a town of less than 400 reclaim its place in coal mining history!




Video screenshot, interview of woman standing in front of mapEpisode 4:

Residents who made their voices heard after the tragic death of a child may have helped preserve the town of Appalachia.




Video screenshot, man standing in front of waterfallEpisode 5:

This episode of Save Our Towns will take you on a trip back to the Ice Age as we visit the town of Saltville, Virginia.




Video screenshot, police officer standing in an officeEpisode 6:

Discover secrets from a grant writer who has brought millions of dollars to the City of Galax.




Screenshot of man standing in front of Save Our Towns backdropEpisode 7:

Discover how the Town of Haysi is capitalizing on the natural landscape.




Video screenshot, man being interviewedSpecial Edition: The Flint Crisis:

Discover what small towns can learn from the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.




Video screenshot, woman being interviewed in jewelry storeEpisode 8:

Discover how the City of Norton turned a coal mining mess into an asset.




Video screenshot, man sitting in office in front of American flagPearisburg Wrap-Up:

End-of-season recap – Mayor Robert Dickerson talks about just how far his town has come in a year.