Season One

Two men stand outdoors side by side, examining a camera.

St. Paul, Virginia, is highlighted throughout the opening season of Save Our Towns. Mayor Kyle Fletcher (left) is seen here with host Keith Pierce.


Screenshot of Save Our Towns Episode 1 - a man standing inside a dinerEpisode 1:

Visit the set of a movie in Big Stone Gap in the premiere episode of Save Our Towns.




Screenshot of Save Our Towns Episode 2 - a man standing in front of a fiddle shop.Episode 2:

Three questions for the mayor of Galax, a chat with the Carroll County Administrator, and a return visit with St. Paul mayor, Kyle Fletcher.



Video screenshot with woman being interviewed in front of office.Episode 3:

Three questions for the mayor of Glade Spring and entrepreneurship advice from Jody Keenan, State Director of the Virginia Small Business Development Center.



Video screenshot of woman standing in front of building.Episode 4:

Carroll and Grayson Counties demonstrate the value of capitalizing on local assets. Plus, three questions for Mayor Jan White of Richlands.



Screenshot of Lost Communities of Virginia book cover, featuring two houses along a dirt road.Episode 5:

A sad pattern repeated itself often in Southwest Virginia: Companies packed up and left after depleting stores of coal, timber, and iron ore. Marion, Va. featured.



Video screenshot of woman standing in front of theater.Episode 6:

Neither tornado, nor fire, nor loss of jobs will flatten the town of Pulaski, recently called “resilient” by the Roanoke Times.




Video screenshot of woman being interviewed.Episode 7:

Discover how the City of Bristol has capitalized on the infamous “Bristol Sessions” of 1927 to boost tourism and reshape their economic future.



Video screenshot of woman standing in front of Lebanon, VA welcome sign.Episode 8: 

Field reporter Jessica Snead takes you to Lebanon to show how high-speed broadband transformed the tiny Southwest Virginia town.



Screenshot of woman being interviewed on the streetEpisode 9: 

The town of Buchanan was named one of the 10 best places to buy antiques in the U.S.




Screenshot of man in front of Save Our Towns backdropSt. Paul Wrap-Up: 

End-of-season recap of how the town of St. Paul measured up to their goals.