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Strong TownsHow America’s towns can become financially strong and resilient

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Virginia Cooperative Extension Receive advice and assistance for agriculture and community viability

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Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) works closely with communities, businesses, nonprofits and homes to connect university resources and expertise to those who need it in Virginia. VCE provides particular assistance in the fields of agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences (e.g. financial planning and management), 4-H youth development, and community viability (strengthening communities and their economic viability by creating innovative programs that allow citizens and local governments to respond to local issues).

Appalachian Regional Commission

The focus of Virginia’s Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) is fostering economic development and improving the quality of life for Appalachian citizens. The ARC provides assistance in the long-term development of a chronically-depressed region, which encompasses 25 counties and eight independent cities in Virginia.

Virginia Tech Office of Economic DevelopmentLook for expertise and partnership








The goal of Virginia Tech’s Office of Economic Development is to connect Virginia Tech faculty, companies, and communities in ways that help create, retain, and enhance the quality of jobs and opportunities around the Commonwealth. The office serves as a resource to businesses and organizations wishing to find expertise within the university. Office staff members act as strategic conveners of university and community personnel and assets in order to determine the best response to any particular economic development need.